Continuous Casting

Best metallurgy and high-precision by optimal casting technology and top machine engineering. Schultheiss continuous casting machines are extremely fast, reliable and cost-effective. Thus, they enable you to process raw materials in-house in a highly economical way, as they increase flexibility and simultaneously ensure the highest product quality in the shortest time. The powerful, medium frequency generators guarantee highly homogeneous alloys heated to exactly the right temperature. And casting is equally precise – the fully integrated system ensures consistent casting quality and complete inert gas protection of crucible and die system. What’s more, the units are not only easy and convenient to use, they are also built to last. You benefit from cutting-edge technology and outstanding engineering.
You also have complete automatic control of the casting parameters. The MC and MG series, allow several parameters to be programmed such as drawing length, drawing speed and metal temperature. A total of 100 programs can be stored. Detailed records of all processes, ensure that your operations are fully transparent.

MC Series

MC Series

Easy and reliable in-house processing of smaller volumes.
MG Series

MG Series

Powerful and perfect metallurgy, produced in-house. For larger volumes.

Larger continuous casting models up to 30 kg 18 kt vertically or up to 150 kg 18 kt horizontally on request.

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