Ring Sintering

Creating the most beautiful multi-color and mokume-gane rings. Ring sintering technology has been developed by a visionary goldsmith in cooperation with Georg Schultheiss in the 80's. Precious metals in multiple colors are joined by heat without limitations in design nor adding non-precious metal like solder. Used in many wedding rings, the joint has to be stronger than even the material itself, just like it is desired in real-life.
The system allows a great diversity of new designs in the field of wedding ring production - as well as in the general jewellery sector. The RS machines vary by power and the number of sintering stations. In result from 6 to 72 rings can be manufactured per hour. The RS 100 and RS 200 sintering stations are equipped, in addition, with a mandrel.

RS 100/ RS 200

RS 100 / RS 200

Perfect quality rings manufactured with the inventor of ring sintering technology.

Capacity: 12–72* rings / hr
Temperature: 1,000°C / 1,200°C
Power: 13 kW


(image shows RS 200 with two stations)

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