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    VPC pure.
    Great technology for shining results

Numerous innovations offer even more possibilities

The VPC pure is a newly developed vacuum pressure casting unit designed for simple handling, assembly and operation.

A large touch screen with overhauled interface provides easy and intuitive useability. This enables new and experienced casters to use the machine to its full potential. Vast number of functions can be saved in different programs within the system of the machine. We redesigned the melting chamber. The centric crucible and the new position of the thermocouple makes maintaining and using the machine effortless.

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Even more advantages for very fine results

With the new version of injection casting, it is possible to cast filigree items like wired designs or light-weight-jewelry with wall thicknesses of down to 0,15 mm at low temperatures.

Additionally, it brings you one more big unique advantage - the injection casting where the liquid precious metal is not poured but injected into the mold, allows to cast with very low metal and flask temperatures. By doing that, the cast results in a much smoother surface finish.

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    The journey to happiness leads through the VPC pure

All steps work completely automatically

The unit is designed for casting flasks with top sealing and all steps work completely automatically. Large volume production with reproducible results can be achieved as the average cast time is less than four minutes per cast. Castable materials are silver, gold and palladium-white-gold alloys. Perfect melting and alloy-mixing is realized by ideally fine-tuned induction heating.
The device can be monitored from any PC using an IP connection and suitable software. This allows operational control, program exchange and synchronization with multiple units. Operator assistance, service, maintenance operation and program updates can be concluded by remote maintenance. The casting process is activated simply by pushing a button.

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    The VPC pure convinces with simple and intuitive operation

Highlights at a glance

Autocast: Digitally controlled cast for reproducible casting results with complete pressure control- and automatic casting

Maximum speed overpressure: The world’s fastest pressure build-up for overpressure; fast pressure build-up improves the mould filling as well as the surface quality; Schultheiss machines allow for the quick build-up of overpressure at simultaneous lowest inert gas consumption and therefore, low running costs

Injection casting: System to shorten load of flask. Allows lager trees, fills filigree items, reduces metal and flask temperature. Ideal for stone in place casting.
Superior melt system: Direct temperature sensing in the metal, therefore, fastest heating and avoiding of over-heating; easy filling of the crucible. Optimized heating and temperature control of melting quantities.

Inductive power mixing: Inductive heating for perfect mixing effect. The Machine is designed for optimal heating frequency and high oscillating circuit quality (best in class); mixing effect depends on the heat output

Quality Control Feature “Sensor monitoring”: Display menu for unit supply sensors: Water flow pressure, water return pressure, air, inert gas / pressure gas, chamber and flask position)

We have much more to tell

We will be happy to provide you with more information about the new VPC pure. For example, about useful accessories and other extras on request, which make your work even easier. Feel free to contact the Schultheiss team!

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