• PPC Series.

    Image of the heating wire from the IMS
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Economic Entry with PPC 500 to High-End PPC 2,000.

The PPC has a high-speed centrifugal casting process and a vacuum pressure process in one system. This technology is a revolution for centrifugal casting: The rotation of the flask around its own axis enables the casting of very filigree as well as heavy parts. The patented casting tree design means that only a minimum of material is required for the tree itself. This saves considerable recycling costs. And all this fully automatically at the touch of one button (PPC 1000).

PPC 500PPC 1000PPC 2000
Casting quantity in pt80 – 200 g150 – 400 g300 – 600 g
Casting quantity in 18 kt150 g350 g500 g
Crucible size12 ccm35 ccm50 ccm
Flask max. size (dia/ height)110 / 60 mm110 / 100 mm110 / 100 mm
Max. temperature2,000 °C2,000 °C2,000 °C
Max. casting pressure (approx.)0.5 bar / 7.5 psi0.5 bar / 7.5 psi0.5 bar / 7.5 psi
Max. vacuum (approx.)30 mbar30 mbar30 mbar
Main power6 kW8 kW12 kW


The PPC Series is primarily used for Platinum, but also for other metals such as gold, silver, or even stainless steel. The difference to other casting machines is that the PPC Series works with centrifugal force and an optical sensor to measure the temperature.

Additionally, an automated one-button operation is integrated. Therefore, you need to insert the material and flask and activate the automatic tilt. Then, you can just start the program, and after you need to wait until the machine casts your material. However, since the temperature has such a high relevance here, the speed rotation can be readjusted, and the temperature can be controlled during the production process.

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Remote control

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100% automated one-button operation

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Fastest pressure, short cycle times

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Precise, reproducible, filigree parts