Made in Germany – Delivered Internationally.

Schultheiss GmbH is an engineering company in southwestern Germany near the gold town of Pforzheim. The company is a technological leader in the area of heating and casting equipment for the jewelry industry and precious metals. Our strong knowledge of vacuum casting technology further enables us to serve industrial customers to cast high-alloyed steel. Our mission is to build the most innovative heating equipment for jewelry and

precious metal manufacturing, providing you with the highest reliability in your daily operations and the best quality. Our equipment, manufactured in Germany, is made of the highest-quality components.

Together with our strong distribution and service partners, we are available to our customers wherever they are, in every time zone.

„Schultheiss GmbH manufactures technologically advanced machines for jewellery production. It has been one of our first partners since ADVANTAGE was founded in 2005. Throughout the years of cooperation we have been pleased with the excellent quality and human approach.“

“We can offer the best furnaces to our goldsmiths customer thanks to the profitable twenty years cooperation with Schultheiss”

“ We have been working with Schultheiss GmbH for 30 years and we appreciate the high-quality standard of their machines as well as the valuable cooperation of their sales and technical teams.”

“We have been partnered with Schultheiss GmbH for over two decades, who offer state-of-the-art equipment and technology for the jewellery manufacturing industry worldwide! We are looking forward to further collaboration through the coming years and with the future generations of both companies.”

“Bringing you the most advanced casting solutions in collaboration with Schultheiss, Rio Grande is one of the jewelry industry’s largest suppliers of tools, equipment, precious metals, gemstones and more.”

“For the past 20 years, our customers have been benefiting from the best on the market for casting thanks to Schultheiss‘ advanced machine technology. They are high-performing and efficient. Moreover, Schultheiss provides excellent after-sales service.”

„We are the proud partners of Schultheiss GmbH in the UAE, and have a history of serving the jewellery industry since 1971. We believe in customer satisfaction, at the highest levels, and strive to leave a lasting impression on the customer’s minds.“

Long Tradition – Strong Innovation.

Schultheiss GmbH was founded by Georg and Rose Schultheiss in 1983. Andreas Schultheiss has become Managing Director in 2010.

Schultheiss GmbH has grown continuously since its founding and now employs a large number of people in service, development, production, and administration. We invest more in development for jewelry production than any other manufacturer of heating equipment. This is demonstrated by the size of our development team and the number of our innovations. Thanks in particular to our local distribution and service partners, we quickly determine your needs and fulfill them with either individual or general solutions.

Our products are protected by several international patents. We work closely with Rapid Shape GmbH in the area of 3D printing of jewelry models for casting and mold making.