Partnerships are enriching, they strengthen a company and allow us to achieve our objectives together more effectively, efficiently and sustainably. The awareness of this has brought Neutec/Rio GrandeTM and Schultheiss GmbH together to form a partnership, which Andreas Schultheiss, CEO of Schultheiss GmbH, is very pleased about. “The trusting discussions with Arien and Nathan, which have been successfully conducted and deepened over months, can now be implemented. We are excited about the team spirit and the strong common objective of providing customers in North America with the best service and best technology,” says Andreas Schultheiss. From now on, Neutec/Rio Grande, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the German company Schultheiss GmbH based in Heimsheim near the Golden City Pforzheim, in the southwest of Germany, will work together specifically to advance common interests and to be able to respond faster and more effectively to customer needs and expectations. Rio Grande, with its Neutec product line, is a U.S. manufacturer of casting machines and laser welders. Schultheiss GmbH is a technological leader in the field of melting and casting plants for precious metals as well as rotating burnout furnaces in the jewelry industry. The in-depth knowledge of vacuum die casting technology enables it to support its customers worldwide in jewelry casting. The goal is to build the most reliable and economical equipment for jewelry making, offering the highest casting quality with the best user-friendliness.


The new partnership between Rio Grande and Schultheiss was officially announced at the Vicenzaoro/T.Gold trade fair in Italy at the end of January 2023. Managing Director Andreas Schultheiss welcomed the Managing Director of
Rio GrandeTM, Arien Gessner, to the Schultheiss GmbH booth. In the course of a friendly discussion the new partnership was once again symbolically sealed with a handshake.

Arien Gessner was accompanied by Nathan Button, Merchandising Director, Jonathan Olander, Merchandising Manager and Dusty Heath, Equipment Manager. All of them were warmly welcomed by the Sales Team of Schultheiss GmbH, represented by Julien Verré and Franz Benzinger. The teams had further discussions about future collaboration and made promising plans.

Neutec/Rio Grande from now on distributes the casting machines of the VPC and PPC series developed by Schultheiss in Germany as well as the burnout furnaces of the RF series in the North American region. The strengths of the
two companies in terms of casting experience, machine development and production, as well as sales and customer proximity will be combined to ensure an excellent customer experience.


Alfons Schultheiss, the grandfather of today’s Managing Director Andreas Schultheiss, invented the first vacuum jewelry casting machine with INRESA in 1965 and then sold the rights to Neutec/Rio GrandeTM after a successful collaboration. Thus, many decades ago there was a good business relationship between Neutec/Rio Grande and the Schultheiss family. Together with Georg Schultheiss, who founded and built Schultheiss GmbH, both teams are delighted that the circle is closing again after almost 60 years!

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